Capstone Review

This page is intended to share materials to Master students for their Capstone Exam.

Meeting: 1:20-2:25pm, 2:4–3:45pm, Kresge Acad 194, Mondays
O.H.: Monday 4-6pm, 403B Engineer 2, or By Appointment
Key Dates: TBA

Date Schedule (Click for notes)
Apr 8 Introduction and Finance part 1 Notes
Apr 15 Finance part 2 Questions
Apr 22 Finance part 3 MockExam Exam17
Apr 29 Cancelled
May 6 Cancelled
May 13 Applied Micro part 1
May 27 Financial Engineering 2016A 2016B 2017
May 27 Holiday
Jun 3 Applied Micro part 2 (Canvas PS1 for 201)