Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis

Meeting: 1:00p-4:00p, MTWTF, Aug 29–Sept 16 at 192 Engineer 2
O.H.: 10:30a-11:30a, 405G Engineer 2, or B.A. (subject to change)
Key Dates: Midterm: Tuesday, Sept 6. Final: Friday, Sept 16,

Announcement: No due for HW13. Non-programming Calculator is allowed in final.

Syllabus here

Date Schedule (Click for notes) HW  AK
M Aug 29 Introduction and Linear Algebra 1 HW1 HW1A
T Aug 30 Linear Algebra 2 HW2 HW2A
W Aug 31 Linear Algebra 3 HW3 HW3A
T Sept 1 Derivatives and Differentials 1 HW4 HW4A
F Sept 2 Derivatives and Differentials 2 HW5 HW5A
M Sept 5 [Holiday]
T Sept 6 Taylor Series & Midterm (Answer) HW6 HW6A
W Sept 7 Optimization 1 HW7 HW7A
T Sept 8 Optimization 2 HW8 HW8A
F Sept 9 Optimization 3 HW9 HW9A
M Sept 12 Probability& Stats 1 HW10 HW10A
T Sept 13 Probability& Stats 2 HW11 HW11A
W Sept 14 Probability& Stats 3 HW12 HW12A
T Sept 15 Differential Equations HW13 HW13A
F Sept 16 Final Exam